Understanding your real estate needs

Jon will take the time to understand your requirements in depth, and discuss with you what you think is the most suitable strategy for getting the highest possible sale price for your property.

Guidance towards achieving the highest sale price

Jon will make the whole sale process straight-forward and easy to understand. Working in conjunction with your needs, he will guide you to the best strategy for marketing your property according to the current market conditions, based on your marketing budget, the property’s location, and maximising exposure to potential buyers.

Harcourts offer an extensive marketing solution, as well as working with all of the major real estate websites to ensure your property is visible to the highest number of buyers possible. Unlike some agents, Jon will give you an ethical, honest assessment of your property and whether or not any improvements should be completed to help improve its value. He will give you specific tips to sell your home at the highest profit.

understanding the selling process


Your property will be fully inspected, including the property layout, construction quality, features and chattels, and ensure that every saleable feature is marketed to its fullest.

Market Value

How much will you be able to get for your house?

Your agent will use Harcourts state of the art systems to research the local market, comparing your property to others on the market and recent sales, and provide you with an in-depth comparative market analysis, and is able to give you the full story behind these numbers and enlighten you as to how this would impact your own sale. This will ensure that you, the vendor, have a complete understanding of what the market indicates that your property is worth, meaning that you are well-appraised when making the decision whether to sell.

The Contract

Once you have decided to sell, you will sign an agency agreement with Harcourts, represented by Jon Roberts. Sole agency services will be provided for the period agreed to in the contract.

The Cost

How much can you expect to pay?

For your peace of mind, it is best not to wait when discussing fees and contracts. These are details that you should discuss as soon as possible. When you engage a real estate agent, you pay for their services by paying commission when the property is sold. The commission amount is agreed to at the time that the agency contract is signed. The commission is indicated as a percentage of the sale price, as calculated from the market appraisal that you have been provided. You will also usually pay for advertising costs, as agreed.

It is a common misconception that you should choose the cheapest agent. If the cheapest agent can only achieve a sale price below your expectations, you are actually losing money by not choosing an agent that can attract the highest sale price. Jon is extremely confident in the quality of the service he provides, and will discuss his charges with the utmost transparency at all times.

The Sales Process

What is Involved?

Jon will guide you through the whole process from the initial conversation to the sale itself. The initial appraisal process will determine the potential sale price, then a marketing strategy meeting will be held to decide on the best approach to marketing your property. Once the property is listed, Jon will keep in regular contact to discuss how the process is going and answering any questions you may have. Jon will negotiate on your behalf with potential buyers, and will work to achieve the absolutely best price for your property.

Selling with Harcourts

Selling a home is a big step

We want to make sure that you’re well informed of the selling process and know what to expect every step of the way.

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Selling At Auction

There are so many advantages

One clear advantage of selling through auction is the process attracts genuine, cash in hand buyers – ready to stake their claim.

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The Seller’s Checklist

What not to forget

We’ve compiled a selling your home checklist to help you navigate through the selling process.

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What is your property worth?

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